What is a walk-in? – Sheila Seppi- March 14, 2019

Sheila SeppiSheila Seppi will be talking for the first time ever about her experience as a walk in.


  1. Shantiscan
  2. Being raised in the church – naïve understanding of what God was but that all changed
  3. Book of Thomas – …Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.
  4. Soul Incarnation
  5. Soul/Spirit/Higher-Self/Shantiscan/Collective Teaching
  6. Shantiscan (Place of peaceful being) – The totality of you and all your lifetimes.

Shanti is a Sanskrit term meaning “peace.” In both Hindu and Buddhist practice, yogis chant shanti three times in order to promote peace in body, mind and spirit.

  1. Collective – soul group. It family/friends/teachers in life/Guides on the other side.  These souls typically travel together from incarnation to incarnation.
  2. When a baby is born its soul attaches when it takes it first breath. The soul is called the Natal Soul.
  3. At the time of death, we drop our robe (physical body) and the soul begins its ascent back to the collective taking with it the life time of learning.
    1. The information of the soul’s lifetime is then infused into the spirit and a soul review occurs (an objective review of the success of the desired outcomes of the lifetime) – 3 days for soul energy to impart its info into the spirit
  4. After the review, the soul information ascends back through to the higher-self and all energy of the soul/spirit/higher-self retracts back into Shantican with the accumulated information until the next incarnation or activity.

You can see how this process makes for a very rich experience for the Shantiscan.

These memories or beliefs were verified with some of the “Dropping of the Robe” Hopi ceremonial teachings given to my teacher.

  1. Once the Shantiscan meld takes place, the soul is ready to become part of its Collective again.
  1. When a soul returns to its Shantiscan, it sometimes undergoes a healing process where it is infused with light frequency. This is especially true for souls that have been traumatized.


Before an incarnation, typically an agreement is made whereby one soul will leave a body, typically through death or a traumatic event(s), and a new soul will inhabit the host body. (This is not my case, but we will discuss that further when I share my personal experience)

This will result when a particular set of agreed upon variables have been met. In other words, the stage has been set for the switch.


According to my memories, there are seven different types of Walk-Ins.

  • A new aspect from the Shantican enters the host body and the natal soul departs. This is known as a Pure Shantican Exchange. In this situation, the new aspect retains
    This is the most typical type of Walk-In and when talking about Walk-In’s this is what people are referring to.
  • A new aspect from the Shantican enters the host body and the natal soul stays. This is called a Pure Shantican Overlay and this acts like a battery charger for the soul. An infusion if you well.  Eventually the two souls meld into one soul.
  • A new aspect from the soul’s collective enters into the host body and the natal soul departs.
    This is known as a Pure Collective Exchange.
  • A new aspect from the soul’s collective enters into the host body and the natal soul stays.
    This is known as a Pure Collective Overlay.


What is even more rare than a Walk-In, is when you have a Walk-In from a totally different soul collective.

  1. A new aspect from a different Collective enters the host body and the natal soul departs. This is called a Collective Exchange.


  1. A new aspect from a different Collective enters the host body and the natal soul stays. This is called a Collective Overlay.


  1. A totally new soul enters the body from a different realm, dimension, system, time/space continuum. Total Soul Exchange. This is the rarest type of Walk-In and this is the type of Walk-In that I am.

More than one soul occupies a host body. This is called an overlay. Overlays can be temporary or permanent.

  1. Braid Overlay – Two Souls – The natal soul remains, is not replaced but is infused with an aspect from its own or another Shantican. Some have discussed more than one soul inhabiting a body at a time.  I received no knowledge of this but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened.


  1. Triple Braid – Three Souls – The natal soul remains, is not replaced but is infused with two other aspect from its own or another Shantican.

Once the Walk-in has occurred several things can happen:

  1. The Walk-in melds with the body in such a way that it retains all the memories and

behaviors of the previous soul for the remainder of the lifetime;

  1. Some of the memories and behaviors remain while others are forgotten and no longer

are part of the new soul;

  1. Some of the memories and behaviors remain, but are buried deep within the

subconscious until the soul is ready to handle the information and/or actions and then the new soul determines the course of action;

  1. The person has no memories or behaviors from the previous soul.  This is me.


Regardless of what type of Walk-in experience or how much information is retained, the Walk-in agrees to take on the lessons of the previous soul that vibrate with the same frequency of the new soul’s lessons.  In my case, I came to complete a mission that was never achieved by my predecessor.

I have come to understand and accept that I am a Total Soul Exchange that has retained some memories of my host body. I have few memories about my parents, sister, ex-husband or even my three children prior to ages 3, 6 and 9 when the Walk-in entered. I have little to no memories about high school friends or extended family. Today, I have a strong relationship with my parents, some extended family and children. I have remarried and have a supportive, understanding husband.


My Story

One night in September of 1999, I went to bed a very sick person. Around 7:00 a.m. the next morning, I felt as if someone reached down, grabbed me by the hair on my head and pulled me bolt upright. It was as if lightning ran through my body and the room was filled with a blinding white light. I don’t know how long I was in this space, but I liked it. It felt comfortable and very familiar. Slowly I began to see the room with my peripheral vision and then my full sight began to return incrementally. I looked around the room in a daze. What just happened? Was I dreaming? Why was I sitting upright? Why was the room filled with white light? Everything looked the same, but everything was different.

The night before, I had gone to bed with a very strong religious belief system. But now, I knew things that I didn’t even believe in! I knew what it was like for the soul to slip effortlessly from the body and for it to return to a body again. I knew what it was like to be in spirit form and an overview of how things are organized on the Other Side. I remembered past lives and spiritual truths that the previous night I did not believe in. I remembered that we are all just one, that we are all connected.  I remembered ceremonies and indigenous healing methods that I had never read about, believed or expressed an interest in. My spiritual belief system was shaken to its core. I was not sure what was happening to me, but I knew I could not speak about it to anyone.

What did happen, however, was that my body, mind and spirit were healed from the chronic illness and I had experienced a life changing event. Even though the physical symptoms went away, my path to physical recovery was not easy; but through proper nutrition, plenty of pure water and alternative healing today I can say that I show no signs of the former illnesses that plagued me.

I lived in this state of disbelief (thinking I had had a psychotic break) for several months, but all the while remembering more and more things that I did not believe in just a few short weeks ago. During this a little over three-month period, I left my husband and changed jobs.  Within another three months, I moved to a different state, and found my first spiritual teacher. She had placed an ad in the back of the local telephone directory advertising spiritual counseling services. It was my greatest hope that I would be able to find some answers from her. And answers, I did receive. Not the ones I wanted but the answers I needed. I was assured that I was not having a psychotic break but a spiritual awaking and needed to reconcile the fact that I was now clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentient, had the gift of discernment and was a Walk-in. Walk-in? I had never heard of a Walk-in, much less believed in such a thing. It took me more than a decade to truly accept that indeed I am a Walk- in and to be able to embrace the gifts that spirit had given me…some I have developed more than others, yet they are there.

To assist me with my integration process I had to learn about and incorporate a variety of new spiritual teaching tools into my life. First, I worked with my shamanic spiritual teacher and advisor on a regular basis to remember as much as I could about the new me and to accept the aspects of myself that I could not identify with. We worked with different shamanic techniques and I soon felt very comfortable in my new skin. Second, I developed a relationship with my spirit allies and learned to work with them on a regular basis. Third, I participated in regular shamanic journey practice with my guides. These practices became the foundation of my new shamanic life.

One of the first things I did after moving to Colorado was to enroll in classes with the University of Metaphysical Sciences. The course materials and meditations served as a springboard for the confidence I needed to start my career.

I am now the Founder of SpiritWay Ministries aka SpiritWay Wellness, founded in 2007, and a holistic health practitioner, wellness mentor, spiritual advisor and teacher, energy healing/vibrational sound practitioner, ceremonialist, and I am certified in multiple hands-on healing modalities. I use scalar wave lasers, quantum energy, sound vibration,

neurophysiology, kinesiology, traditional indigenous medicine practices and body/mind integrative healing techniques to empower my clients and restore natural balance and joy to their lives.

Combining proven holistic health techniques with ancient wisdoms, I specialize in quantum science, bodywork, and energy healing techniques that provide relief from and assistance with allergies, stress, anxiety, emotions, pain and pain management, detoxification, energy levels, body/mind/spirit balancing, spiritual/life coaching, shamanic journey, intuitive guidance and integration assistance to Walk-in’s.

There is no handbook when it comes to Walk-in integration, as everyone is different. I empathize with those who are new and have begun attracting them to me. When a new Walk-in finds me and asks for integration help, one of the first things I do is to introduce them to their spirit guides, teach them shamanic journey and request that they journey at least twice a week. I also ask them to find gratitude in all things, to look at this experience as a new lease on life and to journal each and every day. I share with them the teachings and memories of my truth that I

brought in to this life with me and encourage them to do the same.
Being a Walk-in is the most profound experience I have had during this life’s journey. I can’t

wait to see where my journey leads me next…


What I have learned through regressions with Barbara Lamb








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