A New Understanding of Our Place in the Universe – Don Daniels – April 12, 2018

Don DanielsDon Daniels
Pilot, Mystic, Philosopher, Poet, Ambassador to the Universe, Author, Radio Host

Don Daniels has been a commercial pilot for over 45 years with 27 years as a major airline pilot. He was one of the initial organizers with Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project in 2001 introducing hundreds of the world’s most credible witnesses coming forward to tell the US Congress and the world about their inside knowledge and experiences with the extraterrestrial reality.

His deep curiosity about these matters since a very young age compelled him to begin a journey culminating in investigation and research of the extraterrestrial phenomenon to get confirmation from personal experience.

Evolution Through Contact by Don DanielsHis book Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen relays his incredible and unanticipated experiences. Don’s pursuit and preparation has not only allowed him personally initiated encounters with these extraordinary craft, but more recently led to personal contact with extraterrestrial beings in totally unexpected ways. While skeptical at times, nine years of interaction with one being claiming to be Arcturian has caused him to believe that this person is who she says she is. He will be sharing this information at this presentation.

Public understanding of the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon is a complex and difficult process to say the least, but the paradigm is becoming ever more accepted in spite of official denials. It’s the unfolding of one of the biggest paradigm shifts in modern times. This Alchemists Tool Box presentation is a good introduction to begin framing and approaching a grand new understanding of our place in the Universe. Mainstream institutions and media have constantly avoided this topic, doing everything within their power to keep the public unaware of this phenomenon, as it represents an introduction to technology beyond current mainstream human belief. The public knowledge of this highly advanced technology could represent the loss of hundreds of trillions of dollars currently being paid by the people of the world annually to major global corporations and their owners that also own or control the major media sources that have shaped our concept of reality. The suppression of this information has been imposed due to the threat to these powerful economic empires. However, it would also open up entire new industries to manufacture and supply these new technologies to a much cleaner world. Coal is as dead as the buggy whip. Come with an open mind, a sense of curiosity and discernment and leave with a deeper sense of the changing paradigms we can explore as we are introduced to the galactic neighborhood.

Stand by to have your paradigm shifted.


Presentations are on the second Thursday* of the each month at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center* 4005 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Take I 70 to Kipling, go south a few blocks, it is on the north west corner of 39th and Kipling.


Doors open at 6:15 pm   Lecture 7-9 pm

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