Healing Gifts from the People of the Forest – January 11, 2018

Presented by Gayle Fowler, MBA, CRMT and Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

Join Gayle Fowler as she shares with you the teachings from the Sasquatch of Sanostee, NM and beyond. Gayle, along with Garrett Duncan and others received a unique healing tool from the Sasquatch during a visit to the Navajo Reservation in July 2017.  They received a message through a 9-year old that we were to use the wood from a Ponderosa Pine tree stomp, which happened to have been struck by lightning, in helping us to release all the “junk” that is built up within us and release it to Mama Earth.

Gayle will share her experiences and will also offer channeled message(s) from the ancient one. Each attendee will be able to experience the healing gifts from the People of the Forest.

Channeled Message from Kamooh, Ancient One

It is time to share the wisdom of my people. It begins with healing oneself, and in the process, strengthening the bond between our people. We have gifted these ones with the ability to connect with us and to share our teaches to all. The gift of the healing wood found in Sanostee, NM is a first step toward working together to help raise the vibrations of your people. I am honored that you openly accept our assistance and are willing to share it with many. Much gratitude, much gratitude.


Gayle FowlerGayle Fowler was born, raised and educated in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and moved to Colorado with her family in 1996.  Gayle has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Hawaii and a Master of Business Administration from Regis University. She left corporate America after over thirty years as a project manager/director to pursue her healer’s path. She is a Certified Master Teacher in Reiki and the Feather Way, an Empath, Medical Intuitive, and a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. She started her own company, GEAF Gifts, LLC in 2012 and opened her own shop in November 2015.

Gayle found, at an early age, that she had the ability to ease the pain of loved ones, both physically and emotionally. She also had the ability to sense spirit, vibrational energy and feel others emotions. It wasn’t until she completed her Reiki certifications in Colorado that she accepted her role as a healer. She also has the gift of seeing past lives, sharing messages from guides and connecting one with their Shamanic guides. She works with bear medicine and other indigenous medicines to help people to heal their emotional, mental, spiritual bodies to help heal their physical bodies.

Contact Gayle Fowler: GEAFGifts@comcast.net
6774 W 66th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80003

Presentations are on the second Thursday* of the each month at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center* 4005 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Take I 70 to Kipling, go south a few blocks, it is on the north west corner of 39th and Kipling.


Doors open at 6:15 pm   Lecture 7-9 pm

Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

4005 Kipling St
Wheat Ridge, CO  80033  Map
Ph: 303-231-1300
Fx: 303-420-0316


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