Shmaya, the Being of Light – JoAnne Palladino – May 11, 2017

(Note added after event) We had so much fun at the Joanne Palladino lecture! A few people had mini sessions with her. Here are a couple of photos:

Jeannie Kaylor

JoAnne working with Jeannie Kaylor

JoAnne working with Rudite Jaunarajs

Joanne Palladino

We will be doing a drawing for a free session, must be present to win.

During this time of great change…many are feeling that living with uncertainty and being in the state of ‘not knowing’ can create a challenge within oneself and with others.

How do we stay centered in our ‘inner world’ and live from a place that is at peace in spite of all the turmoil that is unfolding outside of us?

JoAnne Palladino has been blessed to be a channel that speaks the language of light and she has named this language Shmaya.  The guidance JoAnne received is that this Divine frequency of love is here to help souls evolve and influence the awakening on the planet.

JoAnne and Shmaya are here to support you so that you can rest in a state of peace as you ride the wave of uncertainty with ease.


  • Learn About The Language of Light
  • Understand We Are All Shmaya
  • Receive Guidance From Shmaya
  • Receive Language of Light Transmissions from Shmaya
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions about your personal challenges/intentions/awareness


JoAnne Palladino was chosen to bring the high frequency of Love and Grace to our planet at this pivotal time. Her intention is to guide others to live from their hearts, embody their own light, and create the shift to unity consciousness. Through JoAnne and Shmaya, the Beings of Light, flow energy words as an expression of the Divine and invites a trust and an elevated awareness to us during these extraordinary times of awakening.

Since 2002, JoAnne has been extending her divinely guided gifts to many throughout United States. She is a Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive and a seasoned Health facilitator who channels the high frequency of Light Language to influence the ascension of the collective.

JoAnne Palladino –

NOTE: This event will be held at Journeys for Conscious Living at 7401 W. 59th Ave, Arvada, CO 80003


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