Dr. Thomas Garlock – Thurs. July 13, 2017


We will be doing mini-sessions with the audience and a drawing for a free session.

Dr. Thomas Garlock – Medical Intuitive, American Medical Qi Gong Master, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Reiki Master, Chronic Pain Relief Emotional Clearing and Chakra Clearing. His gifts are not limited to this list, if there is something you need help with on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies, he has a way to help you.

Dr. Garlock became aware that reality offered more when his beliefs and imagination were not limited. This truth resulted in a great discovery: “No matter how great we think we are, we are wrong. We are greater than we CAN think.”

He has been called a “Western Icon” for his intuitive diagnostics and successful administering of unconventional, non-invasive treatments.

Medical Intuitive Assessment –  to assist in the detection, prevention, and restoration of various physical and emotional disorders and illnesses. Medical Intuition or High Sensory Perception is a type of “seeing” in which you perceive an image in your mind without use of normal vision. High Sensory Perception reveals a dynamic world of fluid interacting life energy fields around and through all things. Dr. Garlock uses Medical Intuitive Assessment to enhance his diagnostic abilities

Dr. Thomas Garlock uses non-contact Qi Gong treatment, guiding the Qi from his own body to alter the Qi of another person, removing blockages and restoring health.  What is Qi Gong? Qi (“chee”) is the subtle life force energy that flows through the human body. When we are injured or stressed the energy becomes blocked, stemming the flow of qi and resulting in illness and pain. Qi Gong is the practice of balancing the body’s energy and enhancing the body’s capacity to heal itself.

Premorphogenic Field Manipulation (PFM) – As he acquired this knowledge in his 36 years of clinical practice, he revised his beliefs about what was possible in health care. What he had been taught was limited by current scientific understanding of how the body works. The truth — that the body’s physiology was first an energy and not just flesh and bone — allowed him to create Premorphogenic Field Manipulation or PFM, a technique unique in healing.

What does it mean? Pre: meaning “before”; morphogenic: meaning “to form or shape”; field referring to the field of energy surrounding and within the body; manipulation meaning “to move”. The goal of Premorphogenic Field Manipulation (PFM) is to restore health through vibrational balance. The manipulation of the body’s energy can relieve, cure or prevent many problems. “In PFM, I locate and manipulate energetic patterns that change vibration into an expression of health.”

PFM treatment is given without the need for touching the patient.  Whether 2 feet away or 2000 miles away, you will experience the same results. This fact demonstrates that it is possible to know more than three dimensions of truth. Dr. Garlock’s clinical experiences have allowed him to develop a model for treatment that has repeatable results on deman

Living on the island of Okinawa in his youth, he was introduced to the Oriental Way of thought. He started a long-standing practice and love of the martial arts. His use of qi (chi) changed when he became aware that with limited study anyone could use qi to hurt others. True mastery comes when one learns to use it for healing.

All things have vibration. The rate of vibration determines the density of matter.  The lower the vibration, the denser the object. Healthy living comes from the body’s ability to keep all of its various vibrations within balance. Partial or total loss of that vibrational balance results in a hardening or a softening of the body’s tissues. Dysfunction of this nature causes the loss of the body’s homeostasis (the ability to live in balance with your environment).

The basic underlying cause of all pathology is the hardening or softening of tissues leading to an increase or decrease in tissue function.

What is known, unknown or thought to be unknowable are boundaries that limit ones’ reality. Through self-awareness everyone can lead themselves into an expanded reality. As they accept that they are greater than they CAN think, the unknowable becomes the knowing that their greatness is unlimited.

Presentations are on the second Thursday* of the each month at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center* 4005 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Take I 70 to Kipling, go south a few blocks, it is on the north west corner of 39th and Kipling.


Doors open at 6:15 pm   Lecture 7-9 pm

Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

4005 Kipling St
Wheat Ridge, CO  80033  Map
Ph: 303-231-1300
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